Gravel Riding Truckee

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If you want to venture off the paved and crowded trails into Truckee’s less visited mountain biking terrain, gravel riding only requires that you know how to ride a bike. Exploring the backcountry of the Tahoe National Forest, riders experience a mix of paved, single track and dirt trails.

Truckee is considered a world-class biking destination with easy access to over 26 miles of scenic trails that are paved. Additionally, Truckee boasts over 57 miles of dirt trails and paved paths with hundreds of miles of single track.

What Is Gravel Riding?

Gravel Riding compares to riding through back forests, similar to how Europeans rode from town to town over a century ago. In the early 20th century, the Tour de France was essentially a gravel ride. Riders encounter rough gravel roads, some singletrack, and even a portions of pavement.

What you’re rewarded with is an up close and personal view of Truckee’s scenery that you won’t get any other way. It’s also a great alternative to when the mountain bike trails become a little dusty towards the end of summer.


Bike Monkey, an event group out of Santa Rosa will be organizing the 2024 Truckee Tahoe Gravel Race on June 24, 2024. This race will have 6800 feet of climbing, so is best for those familiar with mountain biking in higher elevations. You will need to register in advance. Register Here  (Use code TTF24 for 20% off registration).

As with the 2023 edition, Truckee Trails will be offering draft brews in the beer tent, coordinating bikes at the Truckee Trails Bike Valet for participants and guests, and leading Truckee Trails rides featuring gravel pros on Friday (pre-race.) On Sunday, there will be post-race events. They will be hosting a Special Event  on Thursday, June 28th with interviews, brews, and more.

Event Location

The event takes place on the gravel roads of the Tahoe National Forest, starting in Truckee. It proceeds north next to the Prosser Creek Reservoir, past the Boca and Stampede Reservoirs and beyond.

Truckee Gravel features three different route distances from 30 to over 100 miles in length. Riders will begin in Truckee and begin a ride that sprawls north into the breathtaking Tahoe National Forest.

Riders will experience long, relatively well-maintained gravel and dirt roads with some pavement interspersed and single track riding in the last portion. This year, the long course has been greatly extended and brings you all the way to the tiny town of Sierraville after reaching the summit of Yuba Pass. Click to Learn More

For those who would like to explore another challenge, the Downieville Downhill ride can be found just west of Sierraville in the Sierra Buttes. Bikers ride a shuttle bus up to the Buttes and traverse a downhill course of 14 miles, ending in Downieville.

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