Truckee's Renewable Future

Truckee's Renewable Energy Plan

Truckee is leading California on a goal to achieve 100% sustainability by powering town facilities with renewable electricity by 2020. Over the last five years, Truckee has spent $16 million on sustainable projects including sidewalk improvements, bike lanes and other energy efficiency projects.

Many of the people who are visiting or living in the Truckee and Lake Tahoe area are very environmentally conscious. They are driving the many recycling and energy use changes taking place in the community. All are committed to ensuring that the beauty of the Sierra is sustained.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

The town of Truckee has established a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2040. In an effort to meet this goal, its staff are exploring different ways to use renewable energy. Plans include implementing solar energy for 30 to 40% of the Truckee Donner Public Utility District and as much as 100% for its use of electricity.

ARC Alternatives who consults on clean energy was hired last year to help identify opportunities and changes. Recommended projects include replacing old lighting, heating and air conditioning systems in ways that are more energy efficient. Additionally, the town would save an estimated $36,000 on energy costs by making these recommended changes.

Truckee's Recycling Project

Last year, the Town of Truckee made changes to its solid waste disposal practice to eliminate the use of plastic bags. Truckee residents saw the roll-out of a 64-gallon wheeled blue cart for all recyclables and a 96-gallon wheeled green cart for all yard waste. Residents still have the option to opt out of recycling carts and continue to use blue bags, but there is no opt out option for yard waste and green bags. Eventually plastic will be eliminated altogether.

I am proud to be a part of a community that is taking steps to eliminate plastic and to become more energy efficient. The reduction in greenhouse gases will also go along way in reducing pollution in Donner Lake and Lake Tahoe.

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